Podcasting with Purpose


Podcasting with Purpose

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In this Step-By-Step Program, you will learn how to refine your story and messaging, along with all the necessary steps to craft, produce and deliver a podcast; positioning you as the leader in your field, and broadcasting your message for a higher level of Engagement, Impact and Influence with your Audience.


  • 3 in-Person Podcast Training with German Sanchez (Podcast Producer, Audio Engineer & Radio Broadcast Veteran) to take you from equipment set up, recording, producing and publishing your podcast - Live Mock Recordings & Walk-Thrus
  • 3 One-On-One Story & Strategy Sessions with Neto Pimenta (Story Consultant & Brand Strategist) via zoom.us to craft and refine your message - Session Recordings Available.
  • 1 VIP Development Day: All Day, in person to go over your client/audience Avatar, your Story, overall brand strategy and any and all manner of Marketing, Positioning & Strategy to Launch and Broadcast your podcast Successfully.
  • 5 Episode Recordings, Produced by German, taking the Message from the Lead Source (you) and straight to the hearts and minds of your audience.
  • The Whole show production Included: Logo, Music, Post Mixing, Website set up, Multiple Platform Brodcasting, Along with all Necessary equipment to continue to produce Podcast on your own: Microphone, Cables, Software, etc.


By the End of This Program You Will:

  • Have a well honed in story, message, and mission statement to transform your business and expertise into a mass movement.
  • Have 5 fully produced podcast episodes to carry your message for you.
  • The Technical Know-How to continue to produce podcasts at little-to-no additional cost as well as the understanding of Story Strategies that engage, Impact and inspire action.

Who This Program is for: Business Owners, Service Providers & Organizations who are purpose-driven and know they have more to give and share with their communities.

Who This Program is not for: Businesses and Individuals who are just seeking notoriety or just another channel to advertise.