Brilliant Branding Blueprint - Online Program


Brilliant Branding Blueprint - Online Program

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Stop Selling & Start Converting; Brand & Marketing from the Inside Out.

An 8 week online program to distill, design an deliver your Story Selling Brand

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  • Do You Want to Lead with Purpose, Speak with Conviction, and Convert with Confidence?
  • Would you like to increase the level of engagement, impact and influence you have with your audience?
  • Are you ready to stop hiding behind sales scripts, marketing hacks, and cookie cutter tactics that seldom work and instead start leading meaningful conversations that inspire action?

This Step-By-Step Holistic Approach to Marketing is Guaranteed to Transform Your Client Conversation, Your Business & The Way You Do Business.

By the End of This Program You Will:

  • Have a Personalized Blueprint for all your Marketing, Messaging and Conversion talks.
  • Have a Solid Business Brand Foundation that Aligns Your Personal Values and Lifestyle with Your professional Goals.
  • Position Yourself as a Leader within your Niche and Never have that tired old sales call ever again.


  • 8 Live Online Sessions (2 hours) that will take you from crafting to strategizing to execution of your Story Selling Brand. (Lifetime Access to All Recordings of all 8 Sessions).
  • 4 One-On-One Coaching Sessions to Focus, Hone in and Deep Dive into the Specific Needs of your Unique Brand (MP4 recordings sent to you for further study and future review).
  • Private Facebook Group for 24/7 interaction, support & accountability.
  • Launch & Leverage Luncheon - All Day Event in LA at the end of the course bringing the group together for fine tuning, pitching, networking & celebration. Location & Date TBA

Who This Program is For: Solopreneurs, Service Providers and Creative Professionals who are ready to Step Up, Play a Bigger Game, and Deliver Greater Value to a Wider Audience.

Who This Program is not for: Individuals who are content where they are, passer-by’s seeking a quick fix, and entrepreneurs who are afraid to lead with their values.